Suicide love - A dangerous fantasy

This film portrays the contemporary world of virtual reality - Miku Hatsune's song VOCALOID is heard at the very beginning.

My movie epitomises the quiet energy that typifies the Japanese character. But behind surface reticence there is intensity and passion.

The Japanese are fixated by the idea of the transitoriness of life.

Over 30,000 people choose to die every year by suicide in Japan.

The young man in Suicide Love endlessly calls out ‘I love you’ to the empty air. It is a plea for love in a society in which many are alienated.

A girl decides upon death to gain love from her family.

The young man and the girl meet on the internet. They reveal their naked bodies to each other.

They cut their wrists with a razor.

I have shot the film with a certain detachment. I focus upon the beauty of the young man and the girl.

Some of the best young actors in Japan, as well as some already distinguished actors appear in my film.

This is the story of people lost in today's society. The story of many vulnerable young people in Japan. It reveals an unsettling aspect of our contemporary cyber world. There is little dialogue in this film ? but the emotions are universal.